Vegan Coconut Walnut Fudge

Flashback a few years ago. I am a few years into being lactose intolerant, it is around the holidays, and I have tunnel vision for fudge. It seemed to be everywhere I look. Oh, how cruel. This may be an under statement, (for anyone that knows me,) but once I see something I want, I just-No, I must have it! Ha! Every recipe I ever knew of contained sweetened condensed milk, so obviously fudge didn’t seem in my forecast any time soon. Or was it? I already had a good understanding of how to get coconut cream out of cans of regular coconut milk, and with a little patience, my dairy free fudge recipe was born.

Lactose Free and Dairy Free Butter Products

Let me first start off by saying that butter can be a big deal. It was over looked and taken for granted before I became lactose intolerant. Just like every other dairy product for that matter. Butter is not only used in baking, but also many side dishes, sauces, breakfasts, for sautéing, and the list can go even further than that. Anything from pancakes to mashed potatoes to popcorn and even the likes of seafood. Butter will always be there with it’s creamy taste and golden hue. If you have been lactose intolerant for a while, or have just become lactose intolerant here are few options you have for butters. And, if you are asking, “Well, April-Butter only has a little bit of lactose in it anyway. Can’t I just have a little regular butter?” I always err on the side of caution. That way, I don’t have to worry, because lets face it. Worrying if a dish is going to upset your stomach is not worth the trouble. Each of these products below have their own unique qualities. Although this post is opinionated, there is a lot of information listed to better help you make your own decision on either using the dairy free options or the lactose free options.

Sweet Biscuits with a Blackberry Sauce and Ice Cream

So, first with this recipe, you start by baking some seriously indulgent lactose free buttery biscuits. These are nice, crumbly, and light. This texture works perfectly to soak up these Sweet Biscuits with a Blackberry Sauce and Ice Cream.

Simple and Easy Coleslaw

As we are slowly but surely moving into autumn, fall, that one season before winter, whatever you call it-I figured it would be great to make one last summer-ish BBQ dish. On top of that, I figured it would great to hold my slaw in a cool vintage Pyrex bowl, because I am a sucker for vintage kitchen items. 🙂 Coleslaw could be eaten any time of the year really, the circumstances just have to be right. Perhaps there is a pulled pork sandwich calling your name, and some coleslaw would be a nice addition?

Ground Pork + Spinach Lo Mein

It is not everyday that you get the chance to sit back and relax, fully. You know the kind of relaxation that leads to a sort of clearer mind and you get the opportunity to think out all the steps you want to accomplish before you actually set forth with those actions? It is very difficult to do this working full time, and with all the day to day tasks that have to be done as well- cleaning laundry, errands, and list goes on and on.

Parmesan and Shrimp Pipe Rigate with Fresno Peppers and Garlic

I have a thing for fresno peppers, I am just going to come right out and let you know that now. If you haven’t tried fresno peppers yet, you are missing out! I will also let you know that if you plan on making this Parmesan and Shrimp Pipe Rigate with Fresno Peppers and Garlic recipe, you are going to be in for a sensory overload. This is a good thing. I am slightly dramatizing, but once you have smelled finely chopped garlic and fresno peppers frying, you will be hard pressed to find something more tantalizing than that in a kitchen. I would describe it as a fresh almost sriracha scent with a nuance of a sweet fruit mingled in. OK, that is just my humble opinion though, it is not a fact. I think you will be very impressed with this combination of flavors.

Fresh Homemade Watermelon Lemonade

Oh how I love a good glass of lemonade. Perfect for a hot summer’s day. Right before fall, it seems as if summer is a relentless cycle of heat raining down on me. I’m melting! Everything has to be planned just so. Errands are done either early in the morning, or late in the evening. I can’t be stuck in a traffic jam in 90º weather. No thank you. However, if you were to invite me over to enjoy a nice glass of Fresh Homemade Watermelon Lemonade, I’d be over before you finished the sentence.

Crispy Macadamia Nut Coconut Macaroons

These Crispy Macadamia Nut Coconut Macaroons, are going to win over your taste buds. I am telling you, these are fantastic! I have already eaten half the batch, because I have no control when it comes to coconut macaroons.  A few other topics to mention on the subject, are that they are super easy to recreate, and the clean up is pretty easy too. Did I mention these are super crispy right out of the oven. They have a dense and chewy center, and if you don’t like them too crispy, just wait an hour and they will be softer.

Smoked Cheddar and Chives Potato Skins with Hickory Bacon

Smoked Cheddar and Chives Potato Skins with Hickory Bacon. The flavor is really outstanding here. When these come out of the oven, they smells just like a restaurant. Well, a good restaurant that is! It’s hard to explain, but you will understand if you make these. The smoked cheddar is a lactose free cheese, so don’t mind eating a few handfuls of these savory treats. The chives compliment the cheese, and sour cream. If you are still unsure, there is bacon. Hickory bacon. Surely, these will be a hit where appetizers are needed.

Soft Serve Banana Pudding Flavored Ice Cream

You are going to go banana’s over this recipe! It is dairy free. You should be able to tweak the recipe to get it gluten free and or vegan. I thought I was on a roll, and wanted to call it gluten free and vegan, until the pudding mix said it wasn’t an allergy free pudding mix. So, it may contain gluten. Better to be on the safe side. One of those things you wouldn’t risk if you were gluten intolerant, just like how I would not risk drinking regular milk!